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17 Linford Business Estate
Linford Street, London

Tel: 020 7720 4410
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About What on Earth!

What On Earth is an award winning organic food manufacturer and supplier.  We supply a range of organic products on both a retail and food service basis across the UK and Europe.  From our popular organic pizzas to our fruity organic berries, we offer a large variety of organic food products.  We even have a Soil Assocation certified patisserie in Somerset where all our decadent desserts are made.  The grass grows greener and the cows moo louder down there, so no wonder we are known for making some of the creamiest cakes around.

People ask us where we find our recipes.  It's quite simple really, we quiz family and friends for inspiration, our chefs work tirelessly on new concoctions, and then there’s gut instinct and the odd midnight moment of Eureka.  We also make sure we source our ingredients from where they grow best.  Our juicy, plump tomatoes come from Italy where the sun shines brighter and our organic coconut milk comes from Thailand where the coconuts grow larger.  We buy as much as we can fit on a lorry so we keep diesel miles to a low and minimalise any environmental impact.

Isn't organic food for hippies? Not really! There are benefits for all of us; organic food contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals, there are no nasty additives or pesticides, and good animal husbandry is at the top of the agenda. 

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What Does What on Earth! Sell?

What on Earth! sells the following products. Click on each of the products to see a recipe or further information on each of the products:-

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