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RH13 0QJ.

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About Clayfield Farm

Quality of life and a quality product at the end of it is the premise we work on. All our pigs are kept and reared out doors in large areas with pig arks for shelter. We only have a small number of breeding sows producing two litters of piglets a year which means we are able to give each of them plenty of attention and because we live on site we are able to keep a close eye on them 24 hours a day. This also means we have greater control over the growth of our pigs with a particular emphasis on tasty meat.

We started out with a variety of modern/commercial and a variety of traditional and rare breed pigs plus an iron age boar. We have done extensive experimentation and cross breeding with these pig breeds in order to create our ‘perfect hybrid’ pig, giving us exactly what we and our customers want.

It’s taken a year and a half but we have managed to create a cross breed of pig that gives us tasty, moist meat with more fat than a commercial breed but not as fatty as some traditional breeds can be, a pig that is large enough to give a good ‘eye’ of meat and that combined with our formula for feeding also gives us a growth rate comparable with commercial producers.

We are confident that you would have to go along way to find the quality of meat we produce!

Our handmade pork sausages and smokey bacon are already extremely popular to the point where our bacon is sold quicker than we can produce it!

We do sell some of our Piglets to people as Weaners at around 8 Weeks of age including some of our Rare Breed Oxford Sandy & Blacks for people who would like to finish the pigs themselves or maybe try rearing some of their own pigs.

If you don’t have the space or time to have your own pig but would like to be involved with your pork from birth to your fridge our adopt a pig scheme could be for you.

We have a flock of cross bred ewes which we keep on local grazing as our plot is not big enough to accommodate them. They are brought into our barn at home every spring to lamb and then are taken to fresh grazing just down the road

We let our lambs run on a bit so they are a bit older when killed than would be standard practice but that extra bit of maturity gives the meat more flavour. It is then hung for 7-10 days before butchering so it is nice and tender.

Our mint and lamb burgers are a popular barbecue favourite!

We supply Geese for the Christmas market and if you have not tried a Goose before then this Christmas why not ditch the American, traditional, thanks giving Turkey and try an English, traditional, free range Christmas Goose. Many who do, don‘t go back!

We buy our Geese in as goslings in May and they are then ready for the Christmas market and Pre – ordering is a must! The Geese are killed plucked, hand dressed and are delivered to you ready for the oven.

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