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About is offering a unique opportunity to become a local food franchisee with our great value, award winning, local food franchise! buy-LOCAL provides the customer with a unique and convenient local shopping experience, where they can buy quality local goods on-line and will deliver it all direct to your door at a time that suits them. As a franchisee you will be given your own virtual farmers market to operate, along with all the tools you need in terms of marketing, PR, supplier recruitment, uniforms and much more to get your buy-LOCAL off the ground! We are fast growing across the UK right now, do don't miss out! If you are interested, get in touch by downloading our prospectus at under the Franchise Tab, or drop us a line at [email protected] or Tel 0845 880 7055. is a community website offering local people the opportunity to purchase truly local produce, and we are actively looking for UK Franchisees to operate buy-LOCAL territories and help us grow our award winning business! We will deliver top quality, local and ethical goods in a modern and convenient format. We believe in the concept of a fair price for all, delivering a truly sustainable and traceable food chain. We are passionate about reducing food miles and being kind to our environment through all our business practice. offers a one-stop opportunity to make a difference in your community.

Why Buy Local?

IGD research found that for every 10 we spend locally it creates 24 for the local economy, thats 10 more than the same money spent in one of the larger supermarkets, but its not all about money. We are increasingly more interested in knowing where our food comes from, how it is produced, the person behind the product, and want to give our kids wholesome and healthy food, just how it should be.

British supermarkets currently have 80% of the UK grocery market. According to the Daily Mail in May 2007, 25 small shops close per week in the UK due to pressure on price, prompting a competition commission investigation. Did you know that our largest UK Retailer now accounts for 1 in 8 pounds we spend in the UK?

Heres what we think are 10 compelling reasons to buy local produce:

  • Enjoy Fresh Food that Tastes as it should
  • Lower your Food Miles
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Unnecessary Waste
  • Less Packaging
  • Experience diversity of Local and Unique products
  • Support your Local Economy
  • Traceability - Be confident that you know where your food comes from
  • Whole Foods with Less Additives and Preservatives
  • Eat Healthier produce that has not sat for days on a shelf is not just a place to carry out your weekly shopping its a chance to buy into a whole philosophy.


Bedford i-Lab
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Tel: 0845 880 7055
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