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About Bhajiman

Now you can make great tasting curries. We believe the best food should be big on taste but simple on ingredients and now you can create a memorable dish in just minutes with Bhaji Man's Curry Kits and Easy Mixes. We have combined our knowledge and experience with the finest quality ingredients to create a fast, simple and economical approach to catering for special occasions. Now you too can share the Bhaji Man passion for memorable food without the fuss.

"By simply following my step-by-step instructions, you can create authentic, delicious tasting ethnic cuisine. I have prepared, measured and sealed the required spices and herbs individually for ease of preparation and freshness. Please click here for more information and a full list of my products that are available for purchase."

Don Lear, Bhaji Man

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Bhaji Man.
Scotgate Close,
Gt. Hockham,
IP24 1PF.

Tel: 01953 498 436
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