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About Chapmans Finest Fishcakes

The Chapman Family have been involved in the seafish industry in Grimsby for over fifty years. Over which time they have amassed invaluable knowledge especially with regards to recognizing and sourcing the best fish available.

Like many Grimsby housewives the late Mavis Chapman had her own recipe for fishcakes using the fish that husband Terry would fetch from work. Now her son, Kevin has taken this recipe to produce a traditional fishcake, and using his mums principal of incorporating only the finest ingredients, he manufactures a range of fishcakes.

Based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Kevin has the pick of the fish from local producers and the pick of the crop of Maris Piper potatoes from local growers.

We're frequently travelling the length and breadth of the country giving everyone a chance to see just how good Chapman's Fish Cakes really taste! Check below to see if we're coming to an event or market near you.

11 February 2012 Barton FM & Belper FM
12 February 2012 St Albans Farmers Mkt
17 February 2012 Grimsby FM
18 February 2012 Brocklesby Point to Point & Lincoln Castle FM
19 February 2012 Knaresborough FM
22 February 2012 Louth FM
25 February 2012 Brigg FM & Villa Farm Shop tasting day
26 February 2012 Otley FM
4 March 2012 Humber Bridge FM & Wragby FM
17 March 2012 Southwold Point to Point
1 April 2012 Humber Bridge FM & Wragby FM
7 April 2012 Epworth Speciality Market
21 April 2012 Bishop Auckland Food Festival
5 May 2012 Leyburn Food Festival
6 May 2012 Humber Bridge FM & Leyburn Food Festival & Wragby FM
7 May 2012 Leyburn Food Festival
3 June 2012 Humber Bridge FM

We're proud to be associated with a host of reputable local and nationwide food societies helping achieve awards and nominations for a wide range of coveted culinary distinctions that truly set our products apart from any others.

Our Traditional Fish & Parsley Fishcake was awarded the Gold Prize in the Great Taste Awards 2008
Our Hot Smoked Salmon & Horseradish Fishcake was awarded the Gold Prize in the Great Taste Awards 2010
Our Smoked Haddock & Smoked Bacon Fishcake was awarded the Gold Prize in the Great Taste Awards 2010

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SeaCatch Building
Estate Road 7
South Humberside Industrial Estate
NE Lincolnshire
DN31 2TP

Tel: 01472 269871
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