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Farm Shops near Winterbourne

Britford Farm Shop - Farm Shop near Winterbourne

Britford Farm Shop

4.6 miles from Winterbourne

The award winning shop opened in 2004 and aims to provide the very best in locally produced and l...

More about Britford Farm Shop >

Trafalgar Fisheries  - Farm Shop near Winterbourne

Trafalgar Fisheries

5.5 miles from Winterbourne

Suppliers of organic fish (trout)

More about Trafalgar Fisheries >

Broughton Water Buffalo  - Farm Shop near Winterbourne

Broughton Water Buffalo

8.7 miles from Winterbourne

Broughton Buffalo produce excellent, lean buffalo that is naturally low in cholesterol and satura...

More about Broughton Water Buffalo >

Sempre Viva  - Farm Shop near Winterbourne

Sempre Viva

8.8 miles from Winterbourne

Sempre Viva Iced Yogurt is a luxurious healthy alternative to ice cream that tastes fantastic and...

More about Sempre Viva >

Hildon Natural Mineral Water  - Farm Shop near Winterbourne

Hildon Natural Mineral Water

10 miles from Winterbourne

An English natural mineral water of exceptional taste. The source lies deep within the chalk hill...

More about Hildon Natural Mineral Water >

Loosehanger Cheeses  - Farm Shop near Winterbourne

Loosehanger Cheeses

10.1 miles from Winterbourne

Samll traditional dairy in the heart of the New Forest, transforming pure Ayrshire cows milk into...

More about Loosehanger Cheeses >

Mycomarketing Ltd/Fundamentally Fungus  - Farm Shop near Winterbourne

Mycomarketing Ltd/Fundamentally Fungus

11.2 miles from Winterbourne

From healthy vigorous fungus come beautiful mushrooms. Year round supply of Shitake, Shimeju, Woo...

More about Mycomarketing Ltd/Fundamentally Fungus >

Farmers Markets near Winterbourne


Salisbury Farmers Market

3.8 miles from Winterbourne

7am-12 noon

More about Salisbury Farmers Market >


Andover Farmers Market

13.7 miles from Winterbourne

Third Sunday Monthly 10.00a.m. - 2.00 p.m.

More about Andover Farmers Market >


Romsey Farmers Market

14.5 miles from Winterbourne

10.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m.

More about Romsey Farmers Market >


Devizes Farmers Market

19 miles from Winterbourne

1st Saturday monthly, 9.00am to 1.30pm

More about Devizes Farmers Market >


Warminster Farmers Market

19.1 miles from Winterbourne

Held on the 1st Friday and 3rd Friday of every month 9am -12:30pm.

More about Warminster Farmers Market >


Winchester Farmers Market

19.7 miles from Winterbourne

Buy local food at Winchester Farmers Market. The second and last Sunday of every month 9.00 am - 2.0...

More about Winchester Farmers Market >


Burley Farmers Market

20.5 miles from Winterbourne


More about Burley Farmers Market >

Bed and Breakfasts near Winterbourne

Marshwood Farm - Bed and Breakfasts near Winterbourne

Marshwood Farm

10.3 miles from Winterbourne

A tastlefully renovated 17th century cottage attached to Marshwood Farmhouse.... Sleeps: 4.

More about Marshwood Farm >

Forest View Bed And Breakfast - Bed and Breakfasts near Winterbourne

Forest View Bed And Breakfast

11 miles from Winterbourne

Charming country home set within the New Forest National Park, where the countryside is beautiful an...

More about Forest View Bed And Breakfast >

Carinya Farm - Bed and Breakfasts near Winterbourne

Carinya Farm

11.1 miles from Winterbourne

More about Carinya Farm >

Pyesmead Farm - Bed and Breakfasts near Winterbourne

Pyesmead Farm

12.2 miles from Winterbourne

More about Pyesmead Farm >

Fir Tree Farm Cottage - Bed and Breakfasts near Winterbourne

Fir Tree Farm Cottage

14 miles from Winterbourne

Spacious, comfortable 3 bedroom cottage.... Sleeps: 5.

More about Fir Tree Farm Cottage >

The Green Dragon - Bed and Breakfasts near Winterbourne

The Green Dragon

14.9 miles from Winterbourne

17th century public house with rooms

More about The Green Dragon >

Hucklesbrook Farm Cottages - Bed and Breakfasts near Winterbourne

Hucklesbrook Farm Cottages

15.5 miles from Winterbourne

A delightful quality conversion of three traditional farm buildings set within a courtyard of law...

More about Hucklesbrook Farm Cottages >

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