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Farmshops List

  1. Pearnes Pasties of Par

    3.3 miles from Fowey

    Cornish Pasties

  2. Kilhallon Quality Meats Ltd

    3.7 miles from Fowey

    Meat processing, sausage manufacturing, cooked meats....

  3. Lostwithiel Bakery

    5 miles from Fowey

    Cornish Pasties

  4. Tregonissey Butchers

    6.4 miles from Fowey

    Eblex Quality Standard beef & lamb Registered Stockists

  5. Travistock Bakery

    8.1 miles from Fowey

    Cornish Pasties

  6. The Purley Cornish Farm Shop & Deli

    8.1 miles from Fowey

    Farm Shop in Cornwall

  7. Lobbs Farm Shop

    8.5 miles from Fowey

    We are a 850 acre traditional mixed and non-intensive family run farm based in the heart of rural Co...

  8. Little Halgavor Farm

    8.6 miles from Fowey

    Free Range Pork, Duck and Turkey and Egg.

  9. Malcolm Barnecutt

    8.8 miles from Fowey

    Cornish Pasties

  10. Proper Cornish Ltd.

    8.9 miles from Fowey

    Cornish Pasties

Farm Shops in and around Fowey

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