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  1. Claras Pepper Pots Ltd

    2.2 miles from Woking

    Caribbean stir in and cook-in sauces. Authentically made using local produce. Also Preserves and ...

  2. Secretts Farm Shop

    2.4 miles from Woking


  3. Tenakers Farm Shop

    2.8 miles from Woking

    The Farm Shop at Tenakers Nursery sells good quality fresh produce

  4. Crockford Bridge Farm

    4.5 miles from Woking

    Specialist Farm Shop selling a large range of fresh produce grown on the farm and a wide range of...

  5. Hilltop Farm

    5.1 miles from Woking

    Small beef suckler herd producing QUALITY beef reared to the highest standards of ANIMAL WELFARE ...

  6. The Farm Shop

    5.1 miles from Woking

    The Farm Shop has celebrated over 30 years of service to the community, and we still have a commitme...

  7. F. Conisbee & Son

    6.5 miles from Woking

    Established for over two centuries, Conisbee's remain amongst the ever-shrinking group of butcher...

  8. Bramble Farm

    6.8 miles from Woking

    Bronze turkeys. Free range, additive free produce.

  9. Black Lake Christmas Tree Farm

    6.8 miles from Woking

  10. Anila's Authentic Sauces

    7.6 miles from Woking

    Producers of traditional authentic cook-in curry sauces, chutneys and pickles. Made from fresh in...

Farm Shops in and around Woking

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