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Side Oven Bakery
Carr House Farm
Foston on the Wolds
YO25 8BS

Tel: 01262 488376
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About Side Oven Bakery

Welcome to the Side Oven Bakery

Nestling on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds and dissected by the SSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) designated River Hull, Carr House Farms award winning Side Oven Bakery produces an exclusive range of hand crafted artisan breads, flours, mueslis and premium fruit juices using primarily home grown ingredients.

Our 190 hectare farm converted to organic production in 1999 and produces a wide range of grains that are milled in a traditional stone ground mill for use in the bakery. The unique flavour of our breads and mueslis is attributed to the wood fired oven that is fuelled by the farms own woodland.

In the Juicery, apples from old established farm orchards are hand pressed using traditional methods to create exquisite juices that bear no resemblance to the mass produced sweet, bland and watery juices that are so widely available. Similarly, the apples, soft fruits and elder that we grow on the farm are specially selected for their flavour.

We aim to produce tasty foods with traditional flavours that reflect the characteristics and heritage of our environment and we hope that you will enjoy eating them.

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What Does Side Oven Bakery Sell?

Side Oven Bakery sells the following products. Click on each of the products to see a recipe or further information on each of the products:-

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