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Farmshops List

  1. Welsh Farm Organics

    210.5 miles from Coylton

    Welsh Farm Organics on-line shop offers pure organic meat from our small family farm in the Dugwn...

  2. White Gate Farm Shop

    211.4 miles from Coylton

    Welcome to our online shop!

  3. Whitegate Farmshop

    211.4 miles from Coylton

    Farm shop selling mainly home reared produce including Aberdeen Angus or Hereford Beef, Gloucest...

  4. M & D Meats

    211.6 miles from Coylton

    Eblex Quality Standard beef & lamb Registered Stockist

  5. Crown Park Foods Ltd

    211.8 miles from Coylton

  6. Highfields Happy Hens

    211.9 miles from Coylton

    Highfields Happy Hens is an open farm set within the beautiful South Derbyshire countryside.

  7. Hemswell Antique Centres Coffee Shop

    212.2 miles from Coylton

  8. East Farm Freezer Beef

    212.3 miles from Coylton

    We breed and rear pedigree Lincoln Red cattle. Our cattle are reared on grass and although we are...

  9. R G Stafford Butchers

    212.5 miles from Coylton

    Quality Standard beef & lamb Registered Stockists

  10. Geo Stafford Barton Butchers Ltd

    212.6 miles from Coylton

    Eblex Quality Standard beef & lamb Registered Stockists

Farm Shops in and around Coylton

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