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Farmshops List

  1. The Store

    1.2 miles from Edinburgh


  2. The Caledonian Brewing Co Ltd

    2 miles from Edinburgh

  3. Macleod Organics

    4.6 miles from Edinburgh

    one stop shop where you can be assured that all the food is organic, and where there is easy access...

  4. Seton East Farm Shop

    9.9 miles from Edinburgh

    Local home delivery service available

  5. Pardovan Farm Shop

    13.7 miles from Edinburgh

    Pardovan Farm Shop

  6. Ballencrieff Rare Pedigree Pigs

    14.2 miles from Edinburgh

    Regular customers of Ballencrieff have known the exquisite taste of their range of products and t...

  7. Garleton Prime Beef

    15.6 miles from Edinburgh

  8. Fenton Barns Farm Shop

    16.4 miles from Edinburgh

  9. Lochend Farm Shop

    18.5 miles from Edinburgh

    Famous for it's notoriously good home produced beef and prize winning carrots, once you've tasted th...

  10. Blacketyside Farm

    19.5 miles from Edinburgh

    Strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries ................

Farm Shops in and around Edinburgh

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