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Sandridge Farm,
SN15 2JL.

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About Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon

Sandridge Farm is a 350 acre family farm in Wiltshire, with a pig herd of 350 sows. The grain we grow is milled and fed to the pigs, together with dairy produce and beer yeast from the local Wadworth's brewery in a diet free from growth promoters and routine antibiotics. Sandridge Farmhouse Bacon cure crispy Wiltshire Bacon and naturally Oak Smoked Bacons on the farm, with a range of village hams and farmhouse sausages for every occasion.

The first question a new customer asks of our bacon is often does it have any added water? The answer is no! I guarantee it will sizzle, not drizzle in your frying pan. It takes three weeks to cure our bacon, we often say that time is such an important (and these days such a rare and expensive) ingredient, that we should put it on the label. Our Wiltshire Cure has a sweet flavour, mellowed by time. Our Golden Rind Bacon is naturally smoked over oak and beech for two days, when you cook it, the kitchen will be filled with an appetising smokey aroma, the perfect wake-up call for slug-a-beds on a Sunday morning.

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