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Events List

  1. August

    Llanberis Farmers Market

    3.9 miles from Snowdon

    9am to 3pm

  2. August

    Glasfryn Parc Farmers Market

    15 miles from Snowdon

    Times; 10am-4pm

  3. July

    Conway Farmers Market

    18.4 miles from Snowdon

    Times 9am 2pm

  4. July

    Dolgellau Farmers Market

    23.9 miles from Snowdon

    Times: 10am-2pm

  5. July

    Wrexham Farmers Market

    42.6 miles from Snowdon

    Times: 9.30am- 1pm

  6. August

    Aberystwyth Farmers Market

    45.1 miles from Snowdon

    First & Third Saturday Monthly

  7. August

    Welshpool Farmers Market

    47.8 miles from Snowdon


  8. July

    Wirral Farmers Market

    48.9 miles from Snowdon

    Last it won the BBC Food & Farming Awards "Best Farmers' Market"

  9. July

    Liverpool Farmers Markets

    51.2 miles from Snowdon

    The person who will be selling you your fruit, vegetables and meat is the person who has grown or re...

  10. July

    Liverpool Farmers Markets 2

    51.2 miles from Snowdon

    9.00am - 2.00pm

If you are planning on attending an event or farmers market, please check with the event organiser before travelling.

Events and Farmers Markets in and around Snowdon

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