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Next Event Date : Saturday, 15th April 2023
Event Re-Occurs : Event held on the 2nd Saturday of every Month

About Gainsborough Farmers Market

The First Gainsborough Farmer's Market at Marshall's Yard has been hailed a great success. Around 20 producers filled the Yard with fantastic local produce from beef and pork to honey, cheese and even Ostrich. Gourmet fish cakes, hams, pork pies, fudge, jams and chutney were also on sale.

It was the first time the market was held at Marshall's Yard and everyone involved in the event agreed it was a great success. And the good news is it will be back on the second saturday of every month - the next Marshall's Yard Farmer's Market will be on October 11th trading from 9am until 3pm.

Lincolnshire Farmers Market Co-ordinator, Jane Tomlinson, from Redhill Farm said: Farmers Markets are a great way of letting people know what is available right here on their own doorstep. This is a fantastic new start for us and Marshalls Yard is a really great venue.

John Davison, Asisstant Centre Manager at Marshall's Yard, said: "We are delighted with the feedback we have had from the first Farmers Market here at Marshall's Yard and look forward to the market going from strength to strength. We were busy from early on the morning and we had some very positive feedback from shoppers and stallholders.

"We are keen to encourage more people to come into Gainsborough and see what the town has to offer."

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Where is Gainsborough Farmers Market?

Gainsborough Farmers Market is miles from london.