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Events List

  1. February

    Castle Donington Farmers Market

    2.6 miles from Kegworth

    Second Saturday Monthly, 9 am-12.30 pm

  2. February

    Loughborough Farmers Market

    5.4 miles from Kegworth

    Second Wednesday Monthly

  3. February

    Beeston Farmers Market

    6.9 miles from Kegworth

    Fourth Friday Monthly 9am-2pm

  4. February

    West Bridgford Farmers Market

    9.3 miles from Kegworth

    Second & Fourth Saturday Monthly

  5. February

    Ashby De La Zouche Farmers Market

    10.2 miles from Kegworth

    Third Saturday Monthly 9am - 2pm

  6. February

    Derby Farmers Market

    10.3 miles from Kegworth

    Held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, 9am - 3pm

  7. February

    Burbage Farmers Market

    15.2 miles from Kegworth

    9am-2pm, selling locally-reared ostrich meat and organic bread

  8. February

    Leicester Farmers Market

    15.2 miles from Kegworth

    Fourth Wednesday Monthly

  9. February

    Belper Farmers Market

    15.5 miles from Kegworth

    Second Saturday Monthly 9.00am - 2.00pm

  10. February

    Ripley Farmer Market

    15.8 miles from Kegworth

    Held every 2nd Saturday of the month, 9am - 1pm.

If you are planning on attending an event or farmers market, please check with the event organiser before travelling.

Events and Farmers Markets in and around Kegworth

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