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About has been developed to allow producers of local food and services to display their business information in a dynamic web environment.

Our aim is to:

To extend public awareness, encourage and educate consumers that the use of locally produced food is the safest most environmentally option for all. As the cost of carbon energy rises there has never been a more suitable time to understand that there is no need to move basic foodstuffs around the country. The food we eat defines who we are and the quest for cheaper and cheaper mass produced food will ultimately further erode the quality of our food, our health and the animal welfare standards in the food production chain.

How does work?

The farm shop website allows rural businesses to upload and update the information that their potential and existing customers are looking for. You can upload images, opening times, contact information, address details, add local farmers markets or country fairs that you may be attending, and you can also add the products you sell. The information is automatically turned into a micro-site that instantly becomes another selling tool for your business.

How do your customers find you?

Farm Shop is highly ranked on google...'s presence on the internet is growing at considerable speed. We are already ranked highly in the search engines and have tens of thousands of pages referenced and indexed on the search listings, which is the first step for your business to be found as well.

Website users can type in a postcode, region, county or town and we then show them how much local produce there is on their doorsteps. Alternatively, they can search for individual food products and we again will display farm shops that sell those products close to their chosen location.

How does promote it's website?

Sponsors of... is committed to promoting locally produced food. We sponsor some major events in the UK calendar and have advertising campaigns in national media.

We are proud to be sponsoring the Local Food Farmer of the Year with the Farmers Weekly Awards for the second year a category that captures the very essence of what we believe in. We are passionately committed to encouraging the use of local, seasonal food, as the healthiest, most environmentally-friendly option for all, and believe it offers farmers the opportunity to produce quality food with provenance for their communities.

We were also the sponsors of the Great British Food Festival at BBC Summer Show at the NEC which provided us with some invaluable feedback from both producers and customers. The show had over 150,000 visitors over the 4 days and had something for everybody with the BBC Theatre proving to be very popular with demonstrations from Gordon Ramsay, James Martin, John Torode and the Hairy Bikers to mention just a few.

Why use helps re-connect local produce in the food chain and provide the public with the information they need to source it, be it in their local shop, public house, farm house bed and breakfast, local farmers market or county fair.

Registering with

Registering with farm shop and signing up for our monthly newsletter is a great way of finding out what’s happening in your area. We have a monthly free prize draw for all our members with a range of great prizes on offer. You will have your own account, so you can change your details and options at any time. Click here to sign up today and have your chance of winning a prize!

We hope to expand this user facility further in the very near future, so that site users can save their favorite farm shops, bed and breakfasts, farmers markets and recipes in a personal portfolio, adding another useful way of navigating our site.

If you're a local producer, farm shop, farmhouse bed and breakfast or an event organiser, you can sign up for a range of packages each tailored to help you gain the most from our website. Click here for more information on listings and advertising.